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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

When I wrote my first book "The Bible, God and the Law of Attraction" I must say that I had absolutely no idea on what I was doing. I always romanticized with writing a book but I was at a moment in my life where everything seemed lost. I mean everything began to vanish right before my own eyes. Anyone would of guessed that one year after my divorce, things would had turn for the better but no, that was definitely not my case. I was facing foreclosure, the devastating turmoil from my divorce still haunted me, three bank accounts were in the negative, the girl that I was seeing left me and even the cat walked away. It-was-a-mess.

I contemplated suicide, AGAIN. Yes because I could not handle such a distressful situation and I thought that murdering-ME would stop the pain, but... what about the pain that my death would have caused in those that truly loved me? my parents, my child. To commit suicide is to kill that part of us in the minds of those who really love us, in a very selfish way because suicide is selfish. While in the abyss, I had only one place left to look and that is above. I had to have faith that He would hear my prayers and take this backslider back because I had already walked the righteous life once and not long after I choose to be back in the world.

So I started writing, whatever came to mind was typed on my scrap page and then organized to make sense. I had no money to pay someone to help me publish this book so I had to pray to figure it out. Soon I became my own publisher, the editor, my own graphic designer, the marketing guy, promotions, web designer etc. I told myself "I could run my own publishing company" and this is when Harper & Mac Publishers was born.

With faith nothing is absurd, nothing is impossible and nothing is out of the hands of God. To believe and trust him blindly, it is not crazy or a great feat, it is simply an act of mutual love reflected through fidelity and trust, we believe in him without seeing him as we see the people we love, but we have a total certain that he is always by our side, takes care of us, guides us and protects us. We have total conviction that everything is possible, and that each day is a new day to thank Him for each of the blessings that He allow to come into our lives, each day is an opportunity to enjoy all those details that God has with us. He is my father, your father ... our father, and he has always loved and given us the best, every morning he blesses us with a new opportunity to do great things, to correct our mistakes, to start over, to mark a path of well towards success in our lives. God allows us to develop gratitude in our lives every day, simply allowing to dedicate a few minutes of our life to thank him for the things and people we love, and with whom you enjoy the time that He allows us to live; our children, our mother, our father, our wife (or ex-wife); Each person and moment lived through time is simply a valuable gift that God gives us, let us not waste it thinking about the bad things, or the worries.

When "The Bible, God and The Law of Attraction" was published, for a time I thought of removing it from the shelves as it had major grammar errors, but then I realized that this

was the beginning of all this. That was me back when everything was lost and all I had was a laptop, time and a bunch of ideas that I wanted to put on paper. Back when I had nothing but a dream and a prayer of faith, that is the reason this book still on the shelves.

When "The Dark Poetry Book" came out, the poems reflected a side of me that was hurt, damaged and shattered. I would say that it was me walking out of depression. I choose to leave this book there for the simple fact that is also a part of me. I like reading it sometimes when I seem to forget where I came from, when I need a remainder that this is where God got me out of. I dedicated those two poetry books to victims of suicide. They are good reads, they base on real life situations.

If God allowed worries to come into your life, He himself will be in charge of helping you solve them, He is and will be your unconditional and indispensable support, the one who will always be by your side, the one who will never hesitate to trust you or support you, because he just loves you. Our love for God is not only based on words. Within our culture it is very common to hear people say that people love God and that they are willing to give everything, but love is not based on words, it is based on acts, works and deeds that reflect this. And just as you hug your children in the morning, how you kiss your wife every morning, how you enjoy every moment with your parents; Likewise, Our love for God demands to feel and live, he demands obedience and fidelity, set aside time in Him and for Him, not only on special days or in award-winning speeches, he knows you and knows what is in your heart, and that is what He most longs for you to sincerely express everything that is in your heart, every word that your heart has to thank Him, thank Him for each person you love and that he allows to be in your life, thank Him for each new day of life, but mainly you should thank Him for letting you know Him and for who He is.

My views and beliefs have severely changed. I no longer practice TLOA and I am closer to my faith in Jesus. In fact, now I understand what Idolatry is and the existence of demons in our lives. The Bible mentions demons and I believe that they are responsible for everything that is wrong in this world. When God restores a mind, everything changes. I mean, absolutely everything. If you see one of my books that you honestly can't afford and would like a copy for free, feel free to send me an e-mail and I will gladly send you a copy (The Bible, God and The Law of Attraction is not available for free give away, only the two poetry books)

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