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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Hello Bloggers! I’m going to write this short, I normally don’t write this type of stuff because I wasn’t sure I was ready to make this public.

As many of you have been waiting on my release of “Break Up with the Break Up“ and “Exposing Demons Behind Human Behavior“, well here is an update. I decided to postpone both releases because there was a book I had placed on hold to write the two mentioned, it is my first book that is going to be available in Spanish only, in both, hard copy and Kindle/Nook formats.

This book is an extensive text regarding demonic activity in today’s society. While talking about the book with a publisher from Mexico City on the phone, I had my first visual demonic encounter in over 25 years.

As I said, I don’t normally talk about this stuff and I have never mentioned this on previous interviews for fear of backslash but I’m no longer afraid to write about what I feel. My poetry books are in part, a vivid resemblance of my own life stories and this past week I had very vivid encounter with a demon.

While I was talking on the phone with this publisher parked at my apartment building at around 8:00 PM, I had this strong feeling of someone watching me. I look my surroundings and didn’t see anyone. About 20 minutes into my call, still sitting on my car, right in front of me I seen a dark black figure, human like but like peeking from a corner at me. I have seen people walking through the same corner at dark in the past and you can see what they are wearing, clothing color and even facial features.

On this case, I did not see anything but a deep black figure shaped as a human that literally hid back into the corner as I talked about this book.

When I put this book on pause to write “Break Up with the Break Up“ which took a few weeks to finish, my mind took me into another manuscript and I started “Exposing Demons Behind Human Behavior“ which took several more weeks and my Spanish book just kept digging deeper and deeper.

I decided to hold the publishing of these two finished books to publish my Spanish one. For those who are waiting I apologize but I promise I will talk to my editor to promptly translate it into English and Hindu.

As many of you already know, I’m transitioning my literature from non-fiction self-help to Christian Self-Help. Thank you all. The image is very close to this dark shadow entity.

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